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Geographic Information Systems are computer tools used to store, analyze, and visualize data.

GIS is made up of hardware, software, data, tools & methods, and people. Along with printed maps, we build web apps that allow people to answer their own questions.

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A one-stop shop for Douglas County GIS. Our public platform provides the opportunity to explore, discover, engage, and download data. Check out our interactive web maps, initiatives, data and items for purchase.

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GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. More than just a map, GIS is an organized collection of computer hardware, software, geographic data, and personnel designed to efficiently capture, store, update, analyze, and display all forms of… Read More

If you want a map of your property, your best bet is to start with the interactive Property Viewer. This online map allows you to search for your property, zoom in and out to see it and its surroundings, and more. It even has a print tool that… Read More

Start by browsing our Geoportal. If you don’t find what you need, give us a call at (785) 838-2422 to discuss options. Many times, we have already created something that may fit your needs. Depending upon the request, there may be a charge for staff… Read More

Please see the Douglas County Fee Schedule.

Legal property dimensions are recorded on a number of legal documents, such as plats, deeds, and certificates of survey. When accurate measurements matter, visit the Register of Deeds office to retrieve the relevant documents for your property.

The measure tool is a great way to approximate distances. Ultimately, however, the map is a representation of property boundaries that cannot provide the level of precision that is available on a legal document.

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