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No Jury Trials on Monday, November 18th, 2019 new

There are no jury trials on Monday, November 18th. All ...


Deadline to Apply: 22 Nov 2019 @ 5:00 p.m.

The Douglas County Public Works Department announces that beginning Monday, September 14, Route 1055 (E 1700 Road) will be closed to through traffic between N 400 Road and N 600 Road.  The closure beginning September 14 extends by one mile the current Route 1055 closure between N 500 Road and N 600 Road.  The closure of Route 1055 between N 400 Road and N 500 Road is for Phase II project work to rehabilitate the pavement and improve ditches in the one-mile section and to reconstruct the N 500 Road intersection.


Route 1055 between N 400 Road and N 500 Road will be opened to traffic through construction on Tuesday, September 29, weather permitting.  Traffic will be carried on the milled asphalt pavement through October 4.  Route 1055 between N 500 Road and N 600 Road will remain closed.


Asphalt surfacing on Route 1055 from N 400 Road to the bridge 0.1-mile north of N 500 Road is anticipated to be laid the week of October 5.  Traffic on Route 1055 between N 400 Road and N 500 Road will be controlled by one-lane traffic signs and flaggers during asphalt surfacing operations.

Beginning Monday, September 21, Route 1055 (Haskell Ave. extended; E 1700 Road) will be closed to traffic between N 1175 Road and N 1250 Road for road reconstruction and bridge rehabilitation work.  The Route 1055 closure will occur immediately following the opening to traffic of relocated Louisiana Street (E 1400 Road; new Michigan Street) south of 31st Street.  The Route 1055 closure will last into December 2015.


Local Administrative Order 15-15
Local Administrative Order 15-14 Hartz: Added to Juvenile Panel

Office of the County Commission
Welcoming County
Douglas County, Kansas

WHEREAS, Douglas County recognizes the importance of proactively welcoming immigrants and the need to ensure their successful integration into our community; and

WHEREAS, the Douglas County is committed to continue building a welcoming and neighborly atmosphere in our community, where all people, including recent immigrants, are welcome, accepted, and integrated; and

Farm Fresh Challenge
August 2015

WHEREAS, the Douglas County Food Policy Council, LiveWell Lawrence, and the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department have partnered to encourage Douglas County residents to eat healthy, locally-grown foods; and

WHEREAS, our grocery stores are important partners in providing access to healthy, locally-grown food for all of our citizens; and

Civil cover sheet from the Kansas Judicial Council.
Local Administrative Order No. 15-13; Order Appointing Temporary Chief Judge
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