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Get in Line

Getting in line at Motor Vehicle online through our No Wait Inside portal. Note: If the estimated wait time exceeds our hours of operation, you will not be able to check-in until the following day.

Get in Line

Locations with virtual line available:

Choose a get-in-line option so you can Wait Where You Want!

In addition to getting in line on-site at a Douglas County office location, you can also check-in: through 1. Wait In Line portal or 2. Check-in On-site.

You will receive periodic status updates, including one about 15 minutes before you reach the front of the line. Please allow enough travel time to be at the office when you reach the front of the line. Once signed in please wait in your vehicle until called to a window.

  1. To check-in online: No Wait Inside portal
    • Choose a Motor Vehicle location
    • Enter your cell phone number, be sure to include the area code, then push Next
    • Select location and appointment or walk-in service
    • You'll receive a "Thanks" text.
    • When you arrive at your location, let us know you are here by checking in on the kisok or on your phone watch the monitors for the last 4 digits of your phone number and wait to be summoned to a cashier window
  2. To check-in On-Site at a Douglas County office location:
    • A Kiosk will be available to let you join the line (Look for the ”Check In Here” sign)
    • Enter your phone number
    • You will receive a printed number
    • Watch for the last four of your number or paper ticket number to be displayed on the monitors at your location
    • When you reach the front of the line you will be summoned to a cashier window


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