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Emergency Notifications FAQ

What are the weather radio frequencies for Douglas County?

Weather radios can be set to the following frequencies/channels to receive alerts for Douglas County:

  • Channel 2: 162.425 (Halls Summit)
  • Channel 4: 162.475 (Topeka)
  • Channel 7: 162.550 (Pleasant Hill)

All three of the aforementioned frequencies will broadcast watches and warnings for Douglas County. Which one you choose will depend upon where within the county, which side of your home faces the transmitter, etc. Choose the frequency which provides the most clear voice and the least amount of static.

Why does my Midland Weather Radio keep beeping?

If your Midland receiver is beeping, the following explanation is the most common, but it is not the ONLY explanation for a beeping receiver. The Midland WR-120 desktop NOAA weather radio knows it is supposed to receive a weekly test from the National Weather Service every seven days. If the radio goes for ten days without receiving a test, it gives out one beep every ten minutes. The radio will re-set itself at the next weekly test, or the next watch/warning issuance.