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Courts FAQ

How can I contest a garnishment against my wages and/or bank account?

You should fill out the Notice to Defendant (Earnings or Non-earnings) that accompanies the Order of Garnishment sent to your employer and/or bank and file it in the District Court division your case is assigned to. If you did not receive the Notice to Defendant from your employer or your bank, you should contact the plaintiff's attorney to obtain one. Once the Notice to Defendant is filed, a judge will determine if a hearing date should be set. You may want to consult an attorney on how to contest a garnishment. 

How often do CRB's meet?

Each of the boards meet one time per month. A different Citizen Review Board meets every Wednesday of the month.  The review times  times are from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m..  Generally three different families meet with the CRB assigned to them in that time frame.

I have a disability that makes it hard for me to see (or hear or move about); can I get help when I appear in court?

Yes. The Court is required and committed to provide equal access to justice, including by accommodating disabilities. If you know the division in which you will appear, contact the administrative assistant in the appropriate division. Otherwise, please contact the Court Administrator, Linda Koester-Vogelsang, at 785-832-5264 or