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Food Policy Council (FPC) Meeting on Mon, March 20, 2017 - 6:30 PM

Meeting Agenda: 

6pm pre-meeting presentation: Jancita Warrington, Director of the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum, will share information about a Community Feed that we will be hosting in October in coordination with a much larger 90th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Haskell Arch and Stadium Commemoration.


  1. Administrative Items
    1. Determine quorum of members, agenda approval
    2. Approval of February meeting minutes
    3. 2017 membership updates
    4. Budget overview and approvals
  2. Douglas County Food System Plan Update
    1. Commissioner input
    2. Retreat timing post-adoption
    3. Implementation framework
  3. State Policy Update
  4. Subcommittee Reports
    1. City (Aundrea Shafer)
    2. County (Jen Humphrey)
    3. Community (Kim Criner)
  5. FPC Member Updates
    1. MPO releases Transit Survey! City of Lawrence releases parking survey!
  6. Public Input
  7. Adjourn

For questions and more information about the Douglas County Food Policy Council, contact Helen Schnoes.

Meeting Location: 
Haskell University, Ross Hall, Room 140
Street Address: 
155 E Indian Ave, Lawrence, KS 66046, USA