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Commission Board Meeting on Wed, October 18, 2017 - 2:30 PM

Meeting Agenda: 


2:30 p.m. Work Session – Discuss oversight of Community Corrections. 

-Proclamation for “Employee Appreciation Week” in Douglas County

(1) (a)  Consider approval of Commission Orders; and
(b) Consider approval of Quarterly Budget Adjustment report for Community Corrections (Deborah Wright); and
(c) Review and Approve 7th Judicial District FY2018 Reinvestment Grant Application and Review FY2018 Regional Collaboration Grant Information. (Weigand)

(2) (a) Consider approval of Accounts Payable (if necessary)  
 (b) Appointments  
 -Board of Zoning Appeals (4) position 10/16
 -Building Code of Appeals Board (2) positions 12/16
 -Community Corrections Advisory Board (1) position resigned
 (c)  Public Comment

(3) Adjourn

NOTE: There will be no 4 p.m .meeting

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Meeting Location: 
County Courthouse
Street Address: 
1100 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA
Meeting Minutes: 

October 18, 2017

Gaughan called the work session meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 with all members present.

Gaughan moved and read a proclamation declaring October 23-27, 2017 as “Employee Appreciation Week” in Douglas County. Motion was seconded by Thellman and carried 3-0.

Gaughan moved approval of the following Consent Agenda:
► FY2018 Quarterly Budget Adjustment report for Community Corrections; and
►  7th Judicial District FY2018 Reinvestment Grant Application and FY 2018 Regional Collaboration Grant Information for Community Corrections;

Motion was seconded by Thellman and carried 3-0.

Gaughan moved to approve accounts payable in the amounts of 1,024,471.04 to be paid on 10/19/17 and $864.13 paid on 10/13/17; and payroll in the amounts of $987,575.28 paid on 10/13/17 and $983,393.22 paid on 09/29/17. Motion was seconded by Thellman and carried 3-0.

Thellman thanked the residents of North Lawrence and responders for doing an amazing job of helping each other during the recent devastating storm. 

Robert Bieniecki, CJCC Coordinator, discussed the oversight of Community Corrections. The discussion included:

• Budget supplemented by County.
• Five have full-time case load; two have part time.
• Average case load is 35-40 offenders
• Intensive supervision probation
• Discussed the return management of Community Corrections back to the County from the District Court.
• All Douglas County Community Corrections employees agree on the change in oversight. 
• The division could fall under the direction of Pam Weigand, Director of Youth Services.
• We are the only Community Corrections division in Kansas that falls under supervision of the courts.
• Employees have not had a raise in five years nor do they have county benefits at this time.
• Douglas County Community Corrections employees do not fall under Office of Judicial Administration (OJA) which is a potential liability, though Douglas County does cover them for professional liability. Douglas County agree with the insurance company the employees will follow practices.
• Bieniecki proposed that Weigand would oversee both Adult and Juvenile corrections.
• Community Corrections is primarily funded by Department of Corrections (DOC) and receives some funding from the County, but there is not enough additional court funding to participate in training programs.
• The Behavior Health Grant Funding is for certain services, such as a behavior health coordinator, that could be used for both Community Corrections, jail and house arrest. We could partner together.
• Budgetary needs require County Commission approval and advisory board approval. KOC requires any cost above $5k to have signatory approval.
• Court Administrator and Chief Judge should be in on conversations regarding changes. The County has already been putting in considerable time and attention in helping make their dockets more doable.
• There seems to be no negative side from the courts standpoint on making a change in oversight. Day-to-day processes wouldn’t really change. Employees would report to a different manager. Court Services and Community Corrections would continue to collaborate.
• There has been a lot of interaction between the two buildings on this concept. The item will be put on an upcoming agenda for further discussion.

No action was taken.

A Douglas County resident stated concerns about the applications for salt water injection wells and contaminations of the chemicals seeping into the ground water. 

Gaughan moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded by Derusseau
and carried 3-0.

____________________________  ____________________________
 Nancy Thellman, Chair                     Michelle Derusseau, Vice-Chair
 ____________________________  _____________________________  
Jamie Shew, County Clerk                 Mike Gaughan, Member