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Positive Behavior Support

Developed for schools, PBS has been adapted to the detention setting to help improve and modify problem behaviors.

  • PBS uses a strengths-based, person centered approach for improving an individual's quality of life.
  • PBS tools and strategies are evidence-based and incorporate both behavioral and biomedical practices.
  • PBS addresses the function that maintains problem behavior by teaching social and communications skills as a replacement for challenging behaviors.
  • PBS includes interventions that involve changing situations and settings that trigger a problem behavior.
  • PBS requires everyone working with an individual to change their own behavior. The focus is on creating a positive environment for social learning using a team based planning process.
  • PBS is a layered approach:
    • Universal: All individuals receive opportunities to learn social skills and communications skills. Positive feedback is given to everyone for using new skills.
    • Targeted: Some individuals need more opportunities to practice new skills.
    • Intensive: A few individuals need intensive supports with multiple interventions to address their unique social and quality of life needs. Wraparound and/or person centered planning is used to guide each team's problem solving efforts.
  • Valued outcomes
  • Behavioral and biomedical science
  • Validated procedures
  • Systems change
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Decrease problem behavior
  • Build positive relationships
  • Encourage positive behavior
  • Develop Strengths

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Pam Weigand Director 785-331-1311
Leigh Housman Assistant Director - Youth Services 785-331-1314
Casey Crane Detention Operations Manager 785-331-1305
Paula Rapp Administrative Services Supervisor 785-331-1307
Robin Rooks Juvenile Services Officer Supervisor 785-331-1306
Jennifer Hylton Juvenile Services Officer 785-331-1309
Kate Holman Juvenile Services Officer - Truancy 785-331-1308
Rick West Juvenile Services Officer 785-331-1319
Megan Thomas Juvenile Services Officer - Juvenile Intake 785-331-1328