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Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Project

This page contains information regarding the JDAI program.

JDAI project is more encompassing than the name implies. This is not just an opportunity to reduce detention numbers and look at the front door of detention, but also an opportunity for Douglas County to review and evaluate our juvenile justice process and identify strategies for systemic change.

  • Collaboration
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Objective Risk Assessment/RAI
  • Detention Alternatives
  • Expediting Case Processing
  • Careful management of special detention cases
  • Deliberate commitment to reduce racial/ethnic, and gender disparities
  • Improving conditions of confinement

Members of the Annie E. Casey Foundation JDAI project staff were in Lawrence on July 20, 2011 to begin Stage One of the JDAI process.  JDAI staff conducted a system assessment of Douglas County.  The system assessment provided JDAI staff with the opportunity  to interview juvenile justice system professionals and community members to develop a clear understanding of the policies, practices, and programs within Douglas County and how they align with JDAI.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation staff presented their findings from the Douglas County systems assessment at the JDAI Kick-off event held in September  2011. See attached  .pdf.

As part of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative process each of the five participating Judicial Districts completed a Detention Utilization Study in November 2011.


Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Pam Weigand Director 785-331-1311
Leigh Housman Assistant Director - Youth Services 785-331-1314
Casey Crane Detention Operations Manager 785-331-1305
Paula Rapp Administrative Services Supervisor 785-331-1307
Robin Rooks Juvenile Services Officer Supervisor 785-331-1306
Jennifer Hylton Juvenile Services Officer 785-331-1309
Kate Holman Juvenile Services Officer - Truancy 785-331-1308
Rick West Juvenile Services Officer 785-331-1319
Megan Thomas Juvenile Services Officer - Juvenile Intake 785-331-1328