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Community Collaboration

The programs on this page provide services and support to youth served at Douglas County Youth Services.

The Lawrence Arts Center classes are taught for both youth in detention and youth in Day School. These classes are funded by USD 497.

Music Therapy is taught by under graduate and graduate students from the University of Kansas, and are supervised by a board-certified music therapist. Music is used to teach detention youth non-musical goals, such as social skills, team work and leadership skills.

For more information, see the KU Music Therapy website.

The Social Skills program is a nine week class taught by students participating as Interns in the KU/DCYS  Truancy Program. During the program, interns are supervised by Teaching Assistants from the KU Department of Applied Behavioral Science. The Interns help the students practice new skills throughout the nine weeks, such as resisting peer pressure, accepting negative feedback and problem solving. At the end of the nine weeks, there is a pizza party for the social skills group as a reward for participating.

A Pastor volunteers once a week or by request to offer detention residents the opportunity to attend services on Sundays.

Juveniles also have the option to request their own religious figure to represent their individual beliefs. The staff will also make it possible to have religious services on days other than Sunday if the differing belief should require that.

If you would like to Volunteer at Douglas County Youth Services, please contact Casey Crane, Detention Operations Manager at 785-331-1300 for more information. You can also email Casey at .

Providing incarcerated and at-risk youth a second chance.

We have a volunteer that comes in once a week to meet with incarcerated juveniles to offer them guidance and be a positive mentor.

One Heart Project pilot programs have produced significant attitudinal and behavioral change, and dramatically reduced recidivism rates.

A volunteer that specializes in meditation comes in at least once a week to meet with any detained juveniles that would like to participate. Our volunteer works with them on meditation techniques and healthy meditation habits.

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Pam Weigand Director 785-331-1311
Leigh Housman Assistant Director - Youth Services 785-331-1314
Casey Crane Detention Operations Manager 785-331-1305
Paula Rapp Administrative Services Supervisor 785-331-1307
Robin Rooks Juvenile Services Officer Supervisor 785-331-1306
Jennifer Hylton Juvenile Services Officer 785-331-1309
Kate Holman Juvenile Services Officer - Truancy 785-331-1308
Rick West Juvenile Services Officer 785-331-1319
Megan Thomas Juvenile Services Officer - Juvenile Intake 785-331-1328