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USD497 Mail Ballot Election

This page contains information about the USD497 mail ballot election from a procedural standpoint. Any opinions, questions, or concerns about the question submitted for mail ballot election should be directed to USD 497, (785) 832-5000.

"Shall the Board of Education of Unified School District No. 497, Douglas County, State of Kansas, be authorized to maintain its local option budget authority at 33% of its state financial aid, and that this authorization be continuous and permanent."

Voters would then either fill the bubble for "Yes" or "No."


All USD 497 registrants who have "active" voting status as of December 29th will be sent a ballot automatically to their registered address (or confirmed mailing address). Subsequent registration changes prior to January 6th, 2015 are required to submit an Application for Replacement Mail Ballot in order to have a ballot sent to their residential or mailing address (if applicable).

Marking Your Ballot

  • Mark your ballot in secret, unless you have asked for assistance from someone else.
  • You may request a replacement ballot if you make an error or damage your ballot.
  • Read the instructions carefully and review the ballot before making any marks on it.
  • To vote for a question submitted, fill in the oval at the left of the word “Yes.”
  • To vote against a question submitted, fill in the oval at the left of the word “No.”

After Voting

  • Refold your ballot along the original crease lines.
  • Place your ballot in the return ballot envelope. Be sure to sign the back of the return envelope in Section 1, or else your ballot will not be processed.
  • Mail or deliver your ballot to reach the Election Office by 12:00 noon on Election Day, January 27, 2015.
  • You can also return your ballot to the Treasurer’s Office drop box immediately south of the County Courthouse at the end of the small parking lot. It must be in the drop box by 12:00 noon on Election Day as well.

Voter Assistance Information

  • Any voter who is unable to mark his or her ballot by reason of sickness, physical disability, or illiteracy may request assistance in voting.
  • Power of Attorney does not authorize a person to vote for another. Laws provide for assisting the voter only.
  • If you have assisted a voter, you must sign the Statement of Person Assisting Voter on the back of the return envelope.

If your ballot is damaged, lost, or does not arrive, you can request a replacement mail ballot by submitting an Application for Replacement Mail Ballot (PDF format). which is available from the County Clerk's Office or below.


Unofficial results are available below; the official canvass is on Monday, February 2nd, 2015 at 9 am at the County Courthouse, County Commission Chambers.

Unofficial Results for USD 497 Mail Ballot Election (PDF format)