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Paper Recordings

This page contains recording requirements for the Register of Deeds Department of Douglas County, Kansas via paper recordings.

  • Font style used should be easy to read. For microfilm and preservation purposes, the minimum font size we will accept is 8 point (prefer larger).
  • Document must be an original. Copies cannot be accepted.
  • Document must be of sufficient legibility to produce a clear reproduction.
  • Document must be signed and notarized and must include notary seal and expiration date.
  • If the document pertains to land records, it must contain a full legal description of the property.
  • Recording fees are based on the number of pages of the document.  (For additional fee information regarding mortgage filing, please see below.)
  • Recording fees are required at time of filing the document. Please see fee schedule for recording fees.
  • Generally, when recording a deed or an affidavit of equitable interest, a Sales Validation Questionnaire (SVQ) is required to accompany the filing. Douglas County can accept either the approved one-part (WITH INSTRUCTION PAGE) or three-part SVQ form. For your convenience, the one-part form can be downloaded here:
  • In the case of certain transfers of title, an exemption statement typed on the deed may replace a SVQ. Transfers of title that do not require a SVQ are listed on the back of the SVQ form. The following statement (with the appropriate exemption number filled in) can be typed on the face of deeds that do not require a SVQ: Pursuant to K.S.A 79-1437 a Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaire is not required due to Exemption No. _____ ."
  • An exemption statement cannot be used when filing an affidavit of equitable interest and will not be accepted in lieu of a SVQ.
  • We will accept the original, corrected, document for re-recording with new signatures of (the original) signers and a new notary acknowledgement for them. Recording fees are based on the total number of pages; or
  • Should you choose to submit the Refiled Document Affidavit with the original document, the affidavit will be charged as a recordable page. Please ensure that your payment covers the recording fee for the affidavit page.
  • For a copy of the Refiled Document Affidavit, please download/print: Refiled Document Affidavit (PDF format)