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PreTrial Release

Pretrial Release is one of Douglas County’s alternatives to incarceration programs. Douglas County Pretrial Release seeks to reduce incarceration rates due to a person’s inability to pay bond. A pretrial release report, which includes recommended monitoring conditions, is provided to the Judge, district attorney and defense counsel. The recommendations for release are made by utilizing a risk assessment tool and scoring praxis developed from evidence based practices. Public safety, as well as a person’s appearance rate in court and criminal risk to reoffend are considered. The Pretrial Release stakeholder’s team, which includes members from the Douglas County judicial community, created the risk assessment and praxis used. The current Pretrial Release program has been in operation since October of 2017.

Pretrial Release reports are prepared daily (Monday – Friday) for individuals arrested within the previous 24 hours and remain in custody. Those reports are then reviewed by a Judge, who will make the final decision of release. An Adult Services Officer is present at the Douglas County Jail for first appearance hearings should pretrial release be approved.

Douglas County Pretrial Release Services offers monitoring by phone, in person, and electronic devices. If ordered, drug and alcohol testing may be completed. All services with Douglas County Pretrial Release are offered at no cost to the client.

Recently, Douglas County Pretrial Release implemented an automated court date notification system. The automated system will either call or send text messages with court date reminders to all cases in pretrial status, even if they are not monitored by Douglas County Pretrial Services.

For more information regarding the Douglas County Pretrial Release program, contact our office.

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Pre-Trial Diversion Services

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Shannon Young Adult Services Supervisor 785-832-5349
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