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Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation in Douglas County, Kansas District Court.

Limited scope representation means that you and your attorney agree that your attorney will perform some of the work on your domestic case (such as divorce and child custody issues), and you will do the rest. For example, you may agree that you will gather necessary information while the attorney does the paperwork to be filed with the court. You may ask the attorney to coach you on how to prepare documents yourself, or review documents you have prepared. You may ask the attorney to coach you on how to appear in court yourself, or you may ask the attorney to handle the most complicated parts of your case and give you advice on how to handle the simplest parts. You pay the attorney only for the parts of the case the attorney handled.

You can get help with parts of your case that are too difficult for you to handle. You may not have enough money to hire an attorney to handle your entire case. You can hire an attorney for the most difficult parts of your case and limit the amount of money you must pay.

By using limited scope representation, you save money, and get help from a lawyer which you might otherwise not be able to afford. However, you should understand that the law is complicated. If you decide to limit your attorney's part in your case, either to save money, or to retain control, you will be responsible for the results in the part of the case you do for yourself. There may be hidden complications in your case that you are not aware of because you do not have legal education and experience. That is why you must carefully discuss your case with your attorney, and make sure you are capable of handling the parts of the case you decide to handle yourself.

Many forms you get from these places or people do not comply with Kansas law or procedure. You may not know which parts of the forms are necessary to use, and which are not. If you do not consult with an attorney before you proceed with forms, you won't know if potentially serious complications have been overlooked. Forms will generally not help you know how to proceed in court. For example, when you go for your hearing, and the judge says "You may proceed" you will probably not have any idea what you are expected to do next. As explained below, the judge cannot give you advice. An attorney can coach you and help prepare you for your appearances in court.

To view a list of attorneys approved to provide Limited Scope Representation in the Douglas County District Court, please download/print: Limited Scope Approved Attorney List (PDF format)