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What Victim/Witness Services does the District Attorney's Office provide?

The Douglas County District Attorney's Office has three Victim/Witness Coordinators to provide assistance to victims and witnesses of crime. These Coordinators act as liaisons between law enforcement, prosecutors, community resources, families, criminal justice system representatives, employers, and schools. Specifically, our Victim/Witness Coordinators provide the following services:

  1. Explain the legal system and inform victims of the services the DA's Office provides.
  2. Maintain reputable public relations by listening to victims express their concerns and frustrations.
  3. Assist in collecting restitution information and directing inquiries concerning restitution payments to the appropriate offices.
  4. Refer victims to appropriate community resources.
  5. Provide notification of hearings and trials and the results of these court proceedings.

Please contact Cindy Riling, Pam Lawrence or Lindsey Aduddell, Victim/Witness Coordinators, at 785-841-0211 for additional questions and concerns.