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Making and Receiving Child and Spousal Support Payments

Mailing Payments
Please make your check or money order payable to "Kansas Payment Center". Do not send cash. Include your full name, court order number including county identifier ("DG 01 D 123" or "DG 05 DM 123" depending on your case number) and mail it to:

Kansas Payment Center

P.O. Box 758599

Topeka, KS 66675-8599

It is critical you include the "DG" in your case number on your check or money order for proper and timely credit at the Kansas Payment Center.

You can download KPC payment coupons to send with your payment here.

Bringing Cash Payments to Trustee Office
For your convenience you may make cash payments in the office of the District Court Trustee or drop off your payment for mailing to the Kansas Payment Center.

Paying Online using KPCpay
You can pay your support online using a debit or credit card or using a direct transfer from a bank account. You only need to sign up once and can schedule a single payment, recurring payments, or payments as far in advance as 60 days. You can cancel or reset a scheduled payment. This service is available 24/7. A convenience fee in the amount of up to 6% of the transaction will be assessed when using a credit card or debit card to pay your support. No fee is assessed if you pay with an electronic check.

Click here for more information and to register with the KPC.

New Convenient Options
The KPC has added PayNearMe and MoneyGram as options for paying support. Using PayNearMe, you can pay support at 7-Eleven and Family Dollar stores nationwide. Using MoneyGram, you can make payments at Walmart, CVS/Pharmacy and many other businesses. Click here for more information and store locations.

Direct Deposit to your account 
You can sign up to have your support payments directly deposited into your checking or savings account (bank or credit union). Click here for more information and to access the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

NOW Debit card
Your support payment can be loaded electronically to a NOW card. No credit check is required to get the NOW card and you do not need to have a personal bank account. The NOW card is Visa branded and is acceptable wherever the Visa trademark is displayed. You can sign up to be notified via e-mail, voicemail, or text message whenever new money is loaded onto your NOW card. Only the Kansas Payment Center can load funds onto your NOW card. The free online "My Account" tools from the debit card center help you keep track of your deposits and spending. FEES APPLY.

Please click here for more detailed information regarding fees. To get additional information and to access the NOW Authorization form, click here.

For all further information on making payments or the disbursement of payments please contact the Kansas Payment Center's office, 1-877-572-5722 or visit their web page.

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Mary Elizabeth Diaz District Court Trustee 785-832-5315
John Giele Deputy District Court Trustee - Child Support 785-838-2407
Vera Gannaway Asst. Court Trustee - Child Support 785-838-2406
Karen Taylor Office Manager 785-838-2403
Front Counter Receptionist 785-832-5315
Debra Pennington Paralegal - Child Support 785-838-2404
Jeanice Corbitt Paralegal - Child Support 785-838-2405
Sherry Bernhardt Clerk II - Child Support 785-832-5315
Marily Mulingbayan Administrative Assistant - Court Debt/Restitution 785-838-2400
Shelby Davis Clerk III - Traffic/Court Debt/Restitution 785-838-2401