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Court Trustee

Court Trustee

11 E. 11th Street, Unit 101 | Lawrence, KS 66044

Tel: 785-832-5315 Fax: 785-838-2408 Email us

The Court Trustee is responsible for enforcing support orders (child support and maintenance orders, both temporary and final), collecting court-ordered court debts and victim restitution in criminal cases referred to the office, and collecting court debts in traffic cases

The office of the Douglas County District Court Trustee was established in 1995 by the Judges of the Seventh Judicial District to better serve the citizens of Douglas County by providing expedited enforcement of child support and maintenance orders.

The office also has a contract with the Office of the Judicial Administration to collect court ordered debts in criminal and traffic cases that have been referred to the office.

In addition, the office administers the Douglas County Domestic Mediation Services. Whether mediation is mandatory Per Local Rule 11, or the parties are voluntarily seeking mediation, this low cost alternative is an option.

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Department Contacts

Court Trustee

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Mary Elizabeth Diaz District Court Trustee 785-832-5315
John Giele Deputy District Court Trustee - Child Support 785-838-2407
Vera Gannaway Asst. Court Trustee - Child Support 785-838-2406
Karen Taylor Office Manager 785-838-2403
Front Counter Receptionist 785-832-5315
Shelby Davis Paralegal - Child Support 785-838-2404
Jeanice Corbitt Paralegal - Child Support 785-838-2405
Sherry Bernhardt Clerk III - Child Support/Traffic 785-832-5315
Marily Mulingbayan Administrative Assistant - Court Debt/Restitution 785-838-2400
Tamara Bradley Clerk II - Court Debt/Restitution 785-838-2401
Katelynn Tourtillott Part Time Clerk - Court Debt/Restitution 785-838-2414