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Community Service Work (CSW)

  • The CSW Coordinator strives to facilitate a two-way relationship between the offender and the community. The community benefits from the skills, experiences and interests community service workers have to offer while the offender is awarded the opportunity to pay back the community for offenses committed.
  • Referrals are accepted from Lawrence City Prosecutor, Municipal Court, 7th Judicial District Courts, and the Douglas County District Attorney's Office;
  • Clients may be assigned community service work as part of a diversion agreement or as a condition of sentencing;
  • CSW is not allowed for repayment of restitution. clients may be  allowed to make restitution to the community in the form of work in order to pay off court costs and attorney fees with advance permission of the Court.

If you are interested in utilizing community service workers within your non-profit organization, contact the Community Service Coordinator at 785-832-5354 or


Department Contacts

Community Service Work

Community Service Work

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Kathy Anderson Record's Assistant 785-832-5420
Jason Pike Administrative Officer 785-832-5354