I am looking for district information to consider or not I want to run for office. How do I request district voting statistics?

  1. Make sure you are a resident of the district that you are considering running for, especially during periods of redistricting that may move district lines to unfamiliar locations.
  2. The Douglas County Election Office has established the Election Research Gateway that will provide users a mean of researching registration numbers, voter turnout, and some basic registrant data about the residents of your intended district. The Gateway is at your disposal for all posted information and forms you might require. The same information can be provided by our office upon request by phone, fax, or email, but users may appreciate independent access to research election information.
  3. If you are seeking a complete voter database for precinct, district, or county wide voter information, you are required to submit a non-commercial use form before such data can be provided. Please contact our office to submit your request, but the non-commercial use form is available from the Voting and Election Documents block to get you started.