How are jurors selected for a particular trial?

Cases will usually be heard by juries of six or twelve jurors. A larger group, called a panel, will be sent to the courtroom where the jurors will be questioned by the lawyers in a process called Voir Dire (jury selection). During Voir Dire, attorneys will take turns asking the jury panel questions.  During the questioning, jurors may be excused from the panel if both sides agree that a juror may not be a good fit for the trial, whether for biases, hardships, or other reasons.  After Voir Dire is completed, each side takes turns removing jurors from the panel until they reach the desired number.  The remaining jurors will be sworn in and go on to serve as the jurors for the remainder of the trial.  If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Jury Coordinator at or at 785-832-5213.