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News articles and news releases related to the Douglas County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and its efforts.

01.22.20 Douglas County selected by SAMHSA's GAINS Center to participate in workshop for addressing behavioral health needs

01.14.20 Douglas County is among 13 counties selected to participate in new County Justice Peer Learning Network 

05.14.19 Douglas County leaders call for further work on behavioral health, criminal justice

05.13.19 Behavioral Health Court was turning point for 29-year-old Lawrence resident

05.09.19 Douglas County to celebrate reduction of people with mental illness booked into jail

05.02.19 First graduate of Douglas County Women's Diversion program says it saved her life

04.29.19 Community event to recognize efforts in reducing number of people with mental illness in Douglas County Correctional Facility

04.25.19 Criminal justice leader: 'Never thought I'd see the day' Douglas County wouldn't need juvenile detention center, but close

04.04.19 'People's lives transformed' in drug court, parole officer tells Douglas County Commission

03.12.19 Failure to appear plagues those in Douglas County court system who have serious mental illness

02.27.19 Douglas County Commission approves bylaw changes for criminal justice council

01.23.19 Douglas County Commissioner: As in case of jail expansion, duty may not always align with public opinion

01.21.19 Learn more about study on racial breakdown of law enforcement contact at presentation

01.17.19 CJCC to host public presentation Jan. 24 about Law Enforcement Contact Study

01.15.19 Criminal Justice Services implements new notification system to remind defendants about court hearings

12.19.18 How the Stepping Up initiative is combating the mental healthcare crisis in jails

02.05.18 Kansas Legislators Weigh Narrowing of Speedy-Trial Limit in Criminal Cases

05.03.17 Douglas County Commission Approves Post-Conviction House-Arrest Program

03.29.17 Douglas County Officials Invited to Present on Jail Program at National Best-Practices Academy

03.06.17 Douglas County's Jail Bond System Due for Change, Criminal Justice Council Leader Says

01.30.17 Douglas County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Told of Progress in Pretrial Monitoring Programs, Behavioral Health Court

12.25.16 Proposed Expansion Could Allow Douglas County Jail's Environment to Catch Up with Mental Health Programming

12.18.16 Douglas County Jail Re-Entry Program Suffers from 'Farming Out' of Low-Risk Inmates

12.14.16 Electronic Monitoring Proving Successful in Jail Diversion Test Program, Council Told

12.11.16 Spike in Douglas County Jail Female Population Hinders Operations, Programming

12.11.16 2017 to be Year of Decision on Douglas County Jail Expansion; a Look at Current Plans

11.01.16 Douglas County's Behavior Health Court Off to Early Start

10.19.16 Progress Made on Alternatives to Incarceration, Douglas County Commissioners Told

08.09.16 Douglas County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Names its Leader

07.03.16 Editorial: Balancing Needs

06.07.16 Douglas County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Advertising for Staff

04.05.16 County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Starts Work

03.09.16 Douglas County Creates Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Names Two Members

01.31.16 Editorial: Jail Needs