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The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) was established by the Board of County Commissioners of Douglas County on March 9, 2016.

The purpose of the Council is to provide a working forum to support communications and collaborative coordination between and among key criminal justice system officials, advisory bodies, agencies, departments and community leaders to promote public health, public safety and an effective, fair and efficient criminal justice system in our community.

Read the CJCC bylaws for more information.

Download the list of members.

Criminal Justice Coordinator, Mike Brouwer

Mike Brouwer has more than 23 years of experience in providing mental health and criminal justice-related services in Miami, Johnson and Douglas counties. His career started as a management team member at Community Living Opportunities where he coordinated services and development of treatment for individuals with severe developmental disabilities. He then worked as a case manager and vocational counselor for Miami County. Criminal Justice Coordinator Mike Brouwer

In 1995, Mike began working at Johnson County as a senior young adult transition program counselor. In this position, he provided planning and psycho-social programming to transition aged youth with onset of mental illness, and he coordinated treatment for adults through a variety of community and professional resources. Ten years later, he played an instrumental role in implementing a new reentry program for the Johnson County Jail. He was a team leader, program designer and grant manager. He also implemented cognitive behavioral programming in the jail.

In 2012, Mike was hired by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office as the reentry director. In this role, he implemented jail screenings and criminal justice services; launched and facilitated cognitive behavioral programming during and after incarceration; and advocated for development of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC).

As a member of the Douglas County CJCC, he contributed to the creation of hiring a dozen positions to improve mental health crisis and helped develop a budget and program proposals for a Behavioral Health Court, Pretrial Release Program and Jail Screening and Assessment. Post implementation:

  • About 110 individuals in the community are on Pretrial Release.
  • 22 individuals on average in Behavioral Health Court.
  • Jail bookings for people with mental illness decreased by 56 percent.
  • Additional projects were funded by the County Commission.

Mike is recognized for his criminal justice efforts at the state and national levels and is often asked to provide presentations about his work. He was hired by Douglas County in fall 2019 as the Criminal Justice Coordinator. Mike has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mid-America Nazarene University and a Master’s in Education, Transition and Career Development from the University of Kansas.

Mike Brouwer, Criminal Justice Coordinator