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Regulations and Fees

Regulations and Fees
Building Permits Getting building permits in Douglas County, Kansas.
County Code Official county code of Douglas County, Kansas.
Douglas County Fee Schedule Complete fee schedule for Douglas County, Kansas.
Home Business Douglas County is host to a wide array of individuals who make their living doing what they love. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, many residents have started a business in their very own home. While home businesses can be great, many unintentionally lead to adverse effects on adjacent neighbors and properties. For this reason, home based businesses have been categorized into Type 1, Type 2, and Conditional Use’s. All home based businesses are required to register their business through Douglas County Zoning and Codes.
Register of Deeds Fee Schedule Register of Deeds fee schedule for Douglas County, Kansas.
Zoning Permits and Fees Zoning permits and fees for Douglas County, Kansas.
Zoning Regulations .
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