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Court Payments

Probation, Traffic, and Unsupervised Payments

Court Records

Records request services for cases in the 7th Judicial District.

Pre-Trial Diversion Services

Pre-Trial Diversion Services

Jury Duty

Resources for potential and current jurors.

Child and Spousal Support

Information on establishing, collecting and disbursing child and spousal support.

Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody options, including parenting plans, visitation and other resources.

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage licenses, ceremonies, and options for custody and divorce cases.

Small Claims

Small claims cases for less than $4,000.

Rules and Procedures

Rules and procedures for the District Court.


Mediation for child custody, parenting schedules and parenting rights.

Law Library

Open to everyone, the law library provides print and electronic resources for cases.

Guardian Ad Litem Panel Pilot Project

Information on Guardian Ad Litem Panel Pilot Project.

When is my court date?

Search for court dates and hearings.

Representing Yourself In Court

Representing Yourself In Court

Contact the Courts

District Court
Name Job Title Phone Number
Linda Koester-Vogelsang Court Administrator 785-832-5256
Dee Jerome Administrative Assist 785-330-2810
Clerk of the District Court
Name Job Title Phone Number
Douglas A. Hamilton Clerk of the District Court
Amber Ballard Supervisor / Jury Manager 785-832-5111
Evie Schlife Accounting Technician 785-832-5252
Beverly Sigafoose Juvenile Clerk 785-832-5253
Brian Garton Jury Clerk 785-832-5213
Cindy Winger Traffic Clerk 785-832-5231
Stephanie Weeks Domestic Clerk / Marriage License / PFA Administrative Assistant 785-832-5227
Jordan Moore Records / Juvenile Clerk 785-832-5141
Kassandra Meyer Limited Civil Clerk 785-832-5257
Michael Preut Criminal Clerk 785-832-5236
Brenda Hensley-Hughes Probate / Adoptions Clerk 785-832-5132
Rachell Orce Appeals / Small Claims / Liens Clerk 785-832-5254
Civil 785-832-5228
Jury Service Recording 785-832-5108
Citizen Review Board (CRB)
Name Job Title Phone Number
Heather Krase-Minnick Director 785-832-5215
Court Services
Name Job Title Phone Number
Susan Benkelman Chief Court Services Officer 785-832-5221
Perry Chance Court Services Officer II 785-832-5225
Nicole Breitenstein Court Services Officer I 785-832-5223
Jeremy  Bryant Court Services Officer I 785-832-5222
Ashley Cartmill Court Services Officer I 785-832-5647
Susan  Hadl Court Services Officer I 785-832-5224
Richard Morris Court Services Officer I 785-832-5350
Andrew Newberry Court Services Officer I 785-330-2855
Kelly Shoemake Court Services Officer I 785-832-5363
Breigh Thompson Court Services Officer I 785-838-2467
Dee Boeck Criminal History Assistant 785-330-2811
Sylvie Lagrange Administrative Secretary 785-832-5218
Terry Moore Administrative Secretary 785-832-5218
Court Trustee
Name Job Title Phone Number
Mary Elizabeth Diaz District Court Trustee 785-832-5315
John Giele Deputy District Court Trustee - Child Support 785-838-2407
Vera Gannaway Asst. Court Trustee - Child Support 785-838-2406
Karen Taylor Office Manager 785-838-2403
Front Counter Receptionist 785-832-5315
Debra Pennington Paralegal - Child Support 785-838-2404
Jeanice Corbitt Paralegal - Child Support 785-838-2405
Sherry Bernhardt Clerk II - Child Support 785-832-5315
Marily Mulingbayan Administrative Assistant - Court Debt 785-838-2400
Shelby Davis Clerk III - Traffic/Court Debt 785-838-2401
Division 1
Name Job Title Phone Number
The Honorable Amy Hanley District Judge 785-832-5265
Kris Knowles Admin. Asst. 785-832-5265
Donna Lytle Court Reporter 785-832-5234
Division 1 Fax 785-838-2454
Division 2
Name Job Title Phone Number
The Honorable Sally Pokorny District Judge 785-832-5248
Mary Kay Howe Court Reporter 785-832-5250
Ellen Grant Admin. Asst. 785-832-5248
Division 2 Fax 785-838-2454
Division 3
Name Job Title Phone Number
The Honorable B. Kay Huff District Judge 785-832-5230
Vernon Anderson Admin. Asst. 785-832-5230
Meghan Rogers Court Reporter 785-832-5230
Division 3 Fax 785-838-2456
Division 4
Name Job Title Phone Number
The Honorable James McCabria District Judge 785-832-5124
Tiffany Wade Admin. Asst. 785-832-5124
Tammy Hogsett Court Reporter 785-832-5249
Division 4 Fax 785-838-2455
Division 5
Name Job Title Phone Number
The Honorable Mark A. Simpson District Judge 785-832-5323
Zara Strayer Admin. Asst. 785-832-5323
Division 5 Fax 785-838-2455
Division 6
Name Job Title Phone Number
The Honorable Stacey Donovan District Judge 785-832-5144
Adelaida Mendoza Admin. Asst. 785-832-5144
Shelee Shafer Court Reporter 785-832-5200
Joyce Lederer Court Reporter 785-832-5200
Division 6 Fax 785-838-2455
Pro Tem Division
Name Job Title Phone Number
The Honorable James T. George Pro Tem Judge 785-330-2817
Lacy Gaultney Admin. Asst. 785-330-2817
Pro Tem Division Fax 785-838-2494
Juvenile Division
Name Job Title Phone Number
The Honorable Paul R. Klepper Juvenile Judge 785-832-5118
Angie Figgs Admin. Asst. 785-832-5118