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Rules and Expectations


There are rewards for appropriate behavior and consequences for inappropriate behavior. Douglas County Youth Services utilizes a token economy system to help residents manage their behavior. This encourages each resident to be responsible, respectful and safe. When you see or know about something that is inappropriate, you must report it to staff to avoid consequences. You will be expected to treat your peers, teaching staff, DCYS staff, and visitors with respect.

The Staff

The staff are not your parents, but they do have authority here at DCYS. If you choose not to do what is asked of you or if you choose to act inappropriately, you are also choosing the consequences. Splitting staff, (which is playing one staff against another, asking several staff members the same questions in the hopes of getting the answer you desire) or attempts to split staff or shifts will result in a consequence.

If something is frustrating you and you wish to discuss it appropriately, staff are willing to listen and assist you in whatever way they can.

Language and Non-Verbals

Upon entering this facility, everyone is equal and will be treated as such. People communicate with each other both verbally and non-verbally. There will be times that we are asking you to do something you don’t want to do, or giving you consequences that you may not want to hear. You are expected to be appropriate in your non-verbal communication (body language) i.e. Not rolling your eyes, smacking your lips etc., as well as be appropriate in your verbal communication i.e. refraining from vulgar language, etc. We understand that there may be things that you are not happy about while you are here, however, we expect you to learn appropriate ways of communicating your frustrations without taking it out on others. It is important that you get along with others; you are expected to act and speak in a way that is socially acceptable.


It is against the law to escape or riot, or attempt to escape from or cause/incite a riot in this facility. Attempts to escape or riot, talking or joking about escape or riot will be recorded on a special incident report and forwarded to your probation officer, case manager, law enforcement, and the courts. The police may be contacted to file a police report and you may receive additional consequences.


Any item that has not been approved by DCYS for you to possess is considered contraband. These items include and are not limited to: cigarettes or tobacco, lighters, matches, weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, aerosol cans, jewelry, pornography, and any objects or materials with writing or symbols related to gang activity or satanic worship.The police may be contacted to file a police report and you may receive additional consequences.

Even items such as toilet paper or books in your rooms after you have been instructed to remove them will be considered contraband so be sure to clarify with staff if you are not certain of the expectations.


You will not be permitted to tattoo, mark, carve or write on yourself or others.  If any area of your body shows signs of recent tattooing or marking, you will receive a fine and may receive day room restriction (DRR) time.  If it is determined that another resident is involved, either in giving or receiving a tattoo, both parties will receive consequences.

Gang Activity

There is ZERO tolerance for gang activity. If you are caught in possession of, or produce gang writing or gang related drawings, writing styles, use hand gestures, use any gang related (or suspected gang related) slang or speech, symbols or symbolisms (i.e., wearing clothes in a certain manner, shaving eyebrows, combing or braiding hair in a certain manner), will result in consequences. If you have any question about what is and what is not appropriate you need to ask a staff member.

Physical Contact

Horseplay, wrestling, hitting, back-rubs or any kind of inappropriate contact will not be allowed. The consequences will depend on the seriousness of the offense. The only acceptable form of physical contact with another youth or staff member is a simple handshake.

  • Hugging and kissing family members during visitations is acceptable.

Property for the Facility

All furnishings and equipment in the facility belongs to Douglas County. It was purchased for staff, student, and resident use.  You are expected to treat property with care and use it in the correct manner.  You are also expected to report or turn in any damage to property that you observe. For example, if the mattress assigned to you has a hole in it, let staff know so that it can be repaired and so you do not receive a consequence for something you did not do.

Care of the Building


Writing on any building or equipment surface shall be considered graffiti. It is your responsibility to check the room you are assigned to for graffiti or damages and report them to staff. If it is determined that you are responsible for graffiti, you will receive consequences and a criminal report may be filed.

Control Room/Counters and Staff Desks

Areas for Staff Use Only, you are not to touch, or remain in close proximity to any of these areas. If you need a staff member who is in the control room, wait until they come out. If you are called to a control counter, or staff desk you must stand an arms length away at all times.

Mezzanine and Stairs

The mezzanine and stairs are intended to provide access to the rooms on the second floor. You should not be on the mezzanine unless this is where your room is located or you are assigned a cleaning chore on that level.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that you follow the expectations outlined below:

  • Walk calmly using each stair.
  • Do not climb on the railings, touch the security glass or mezzanine beam, climb on the back side of the stairs, or slide down the stair rails.
  • Only one resident is allowed on the stairs at a time.