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Privileges, Programs and Activities and Youth Council


Commissary Purchases

Commissary is where youth are allowed to spend money they have in their account in the vending machines at the facility.

  • You may have your parents or guardian(s) bring you commissary money.
  • You must be on Level 2 and not on DRR or PDRR to be eligible for commissary.
  • You will be required to purchase a commissary break for $1.50 on your checkbook sheet.
  • You are allowed to spend up to $4.00 of your commissary funds during each commissary break.

Commissary Availability:
Level 2: Friday and Saturday on 2nd shift. Sunday on 1st shift.
Level 3: Friday on 2nd shift, Saturday and Sunday on 1st and 2nd shift, and Holidays and days that school is not in session.
Level 4: Monday through Friday on 2nd shift, and Saturday and Sunday on 1st and 2nd shift.    
Level 5: Anytime (at staff discretion).

Checkbook Purchases

Activity Purchases

Level Required



 TV Time.5 cents each minute except for the news or educational programs.
 Movies (when available)$4.50
 Board games $1.00 - $2.00 purchase
 Card Games $1.00 - $2.00 purchase
Level 3: and upGame boy/Play Station$20.00 deposit - .10 per minute, behavior must be appropriate.
Level 3: and upRadios/Radio Listening.10 per minute, must be returned correctly and on time.
 Basketball$1.00-$2.00 purchase
Level 4 and 5Late Night $25.00 includes food, TV, games, play station, or movie until 1:30 a.m. Available only when there is sufficient staff on duty.



Level Required



 Extra Shower time$1.00/minute
 Seconds on FoodStaff Discretion; when available, second helpings of the main course and dessert will be auctioned off by level
 Lip Balm$0.25
 Phone Calls$0.50
 Old Checkbook $1.00
 Paper(writing, drawing) $0.03/sheet
 Commissary Break$1.50 for 15 minutes
 Early shift change$5.00 per half hour
 Shave$3.00 at staff’s convenience (Thursday & Sunday)
 Envelopes and Stamps$.50 (stamp is staff's signature)



Behavior Related Purchases

Level Required



 Pushing Intercom during non-emergency$5.00
 Wasting Staff's Time$25.00/instance


Programs and Activities


School will be held during traditional school periods and during the summer. You are expected to attend class unless you are sick or have an appointment.

Classroom Expectations

Be Responsible By:

  • Being on time to class in the morning and after breaks.
  • Bringing all needed materials to class (pencil/eraser).
  • Remaining on task.
  • Keeping pencil/eraser/with you at all times, except when staff instruct otherwise.
  • Leaving your checkbook sheet outside of the classroom.
  • Using the bathroom on breaks. Bathroom breaks cost $2.00 during class time.
  • Keeping track of assignments.
  • Completing homework.
  • Not talking to day school students.

Be Respectful of Others By:

  • Following the teacher’s and staff’s instructions.
  • Not swearing or making vulgar noises or obscene gestures.
  • Asking permission to talk to others, or leave your seat.
  • Raising your hand if you have a question.
  • Not writing or passing notes.
  • Not leaving the classroom area without permission.

Be Safe By:

  • Not tipping your desk.
  • Not rolling around in your chair.
  • Keeping the area around your desk neat by placing materials under your desk.
  • Not feeding into the negative behavior of others.
  • Asking permission to walk behind staff.

If you are kicked out of class, you will be fined accordingly and placed on DRR.  You will receive a purchase on your checkbook sheet for missing school.  If you fall behind in your school work, you may be placed on DRR until you are caught up.  This will be determined by teaching staff.

Public Library Books

Books from the public library will be checked out in the following manner:

  • Library books may only be checked out during school hours.  
  • You may check out a maximum of two books out at any one time.
  • Books must be returned to the teaching staff during school hours.

Resident of the Week

You are eligible for the Resident of the Week recognition by displaying a positive attitude, responding appropriately to criticism, and following the 3 B’s: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.  You must be caught up with your school work.   The Resident of the Week will be selected at the weekly school meeting and will be determined by the teachers and staff.   Awardees of the Resident of the Week have the option to have their photo added to the “Gotcha!” frame.

Privileges: Resident of the Week

  • $25.00 earnings on your checkbook sheet.
  • Free room time/early shift change for the week.
  • Free radio time/PS3/Gameboy for the week.
  • Control the remote control of the TV for the week.
  • Free seconds at meals for the week when available.
  • Free phone calls for the week.
  • Free commissary break for the week.
  • Blue mat for the week.
  • Wear your personal shoes for the week.
  • Extra radio breaks as approved by the teachers for the week.
  • Carry the Resident of the Week checkbook sheet.

Resident of the Week privileges last Monday-Friday of the week awarded.  Resident of the Week is contingent upon consistent positive behavior and may be revoked at any time if you neglect to continue to follow the rules and expectations.


Staff will determine where games are played, what games are played, and when games are played.


Be Responsible By:

  • Following staff instructions at all times.
  • Participating to the best of your ability.
  • Asking permission to go back inside the building.
  • Picking up any trash before coming in to the building.

Be Respectful of Others By:

  • Demonstrating good sportsmanship.
  • Remaining fully dressed at all times.
  • Not spitting on the pavement, fence, or building.

Be Safe By:

  • Not horse playing around.
  • Not touching the basketball goal, rim or the fence
  • Not bouncing the ball off the walls, windows or fence.
  • Keeping equipment within the patio area.
  • Handling the equipment appropriately
  • Not touching others in a rough or unnecessary manner.

Youth Council

All the residents and staff gather together to discuss and resolve any issues and/or concerns about general life in this facility.  It is also an opportunity for you to plan activities, discuss rules, and make suggestions for changes.  It is a time for you to voice (appropriately) your opinions about current problems or concerns you may have.  This is an opportunity for residents to self govern as they discuss issues and interact with each other to problem solve.  There will be one Youth Council meeting per shift each week.

  • Show that you are paying attention by sitting up straight, not fidgeting or making noises.
  • Don’t talk unless you have been recognized by the leader.
  • Be tactful when discussing issues concerning other people.
  • Calm discussion is expected; arguments are a waste of time.
  • Raise your hand only if no-one is speaking or when voting.
  • Everyone must vote on an issue put to a vote.
  • Staff has the right to veto issues or solutions.
  • Accept feedback, positive or negative.
  • Changes or suggestions should be put in writing with a reason for why it should change.

Youth Council is not meant to be a forum to complain about staff.


You may request to call the minister of your church if you want to receive religious counseling or services. If you feel that you need to speak with a minister for any reason, notify staff and they will contact one for you. Participation in religious services and counseling is voluntary.


The facility will, from time to time, bring in speakers who will make presentations on a variety of subjects. You are expected to treat the speakers with respect, and follow the expectations outlined below when they are here.


  • Paying attention, using good posture (sitting up), and giving the speaker eye contact.
  • Waiting until the speaker is finished talking to raise your hand.
  • Only talking when you have raised your hand and have been recognized by the speaker.
  • Asking appropriate questions.

You are required to attend these events unless you are sick, have an appointment, have a court appearance, or are restricted due to behavior issues.

Quiet Reading/Study Hour


  • Sit at your assigned tables.
  • Study hour is "quiet time,"
    • Silence is maintained until a staff member tells you differently.
    • No talking, laughing, distracting noises, inappropriate non-verbal’s, facial or hand gestures.
  • Raise your hand and wait for staff to address you.
  • You need to be working on something; homework, think-work or reading.
    • Stay on task.
    • If you are in the hole, your homework comes first. If you have no homework, you need to do copy work.
    • Don't tear pictures or articles out of reading materials. 
  • Keep your chair flat on the floor, and don’t roll around.