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Personal Care


You will have a health assessment conducted within the first few days of admission. Nurses from the Lawrence/Douglas County Health Department will be here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to complete physicals and to check on medical issues you may have. You need to let staff know if you are having any medical issues, so they can ensure that you are seen by the nurse. We take medical requests very seriously at DCYS; you will be required to write down a purchase if you are wasting the nurses’ time.

Sick Bed

If you become ill or if you feel that you need medical attention, please let staff know.
If you are ill (cold, flu, sore throat, severe headache, fever or vomiting etc.) you will be given whatever medical attention is necessary.

  • You will be placed on sick bed and expected to stay in your room for 24 hours, unless otherwise cleared by the nurse.
  • If you are ill you will be placed in a single room.

If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you are admitted you will be placed on 24 hours of sick bed, to allow the effects of the intoxicants to wear off.


All medicine will be locked in the medical room.
Medicine will generally be given out at 0800 hours/8:00 a.m., 1200 hours/12:00 p.m., 1600 hours/4:00 p.m., and 2000 hours/8:00 p.m.

  • You are responsible for your medication and will need to remind staff when you are to take your medication. It is your responsibility to notify staff if you don’t receive your medication.
  • If you need over-the-counter medication or you’re prescribed PRN please let staff know. If you need medication outside of the normal dispensing times listed above staff will help you as soon as time permits.

Refusal to take medications or complete medical treatments as prescribed prevents us from ensuring that you receive proper medical treatment while you are at DCYS.

  • If you have been prescribed medication or treatment by your physician or the facility nurse and you refuse to comply, you will be placed on DRR until you take the medication or complete the medical treatment.

Self Harming Behavior

If you have a past history of self harming behavior or make comments that would lead staff to believe that you might harm yourself you will be required to use the black safety blankets and smock (see clothing section) and will be monitored by staff every four (4) minutes while you are in your room.

  • If you are in crisis staff will contact the Headquarters hotline and/or the Bert Nash Mental Health Center to assist you.

Drug Testing

  • Your JSO, case worker, or probation officer may request a UA from you.  You will be required to write down a $100.00 deposit for your UA and you will receive a refund upon completing the UA on the day the purchase was issued (before midnight).  
  • If you fail to produce a UA, the $100.00 purchase will stand and you will receive another $100.00 purchase the following day and each day after until you complete your UA.


Your clothing and valuables will be stored in property storage while you are in detention. Your clothing will be washed at the time of your intake before being stored. You will appear in court dressed in your own clothes and shoes, so you may want to make arrangements to have appropriate items available for court.

You will be wearing facility clothing and shoes (depending on your level) during your stay in detention. You will be expected to be fully clothed, including socks and shoes, at all times. You should always have your shirt tucked in, except during physical activities i.e. PE, basketball etc. Clothing shall be worn properly, as designed: pants will not sag or bag; clothing will not be worn inside-out; sleeves and pant legs will not be pushed or rolled up.

Safety Smock/Blankets

For the first 24 hours that you are here, you will be issued black safety blankets and wear a safety smock when you are in your room. If you have a past history of self harming behavior or make comments that would lead staff to believe that you might harm yourself you will be required to use black safety blankets and wear the safety smock any time that you are in your room (i.e. shift change, bedtime) If you demonstrate repeated harmful behavior towards yourself, facility property or if you demonstrate an unwillingness to comply with wearing the safety smock as requested, you will be required to use black safety blankets and wear a smock at all times. While you are wearing the smock, you will not be allowed to participate in physical activities.  You may submit a written request to be allowed to discontinue using black safety blankets and wearing the smock to administration. Administration will contact mental health center staff so they can meet with you to determine if you need to continue with safety precautions.


Each resident is expected to complete their personal hygiene at the 0630 hours/6:30 a.m. wake-up time each day. Hygiene consists of changing into clean clothes, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and combing/brushing your hair. The facility will provide, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, and deodorant for your use. Your family may bring you travel-sized hygiene items (see below), excluding any aerosol sprays, hair gel, or mouth wash. You may not share or borrow hygiene products from other youth. Refusal to complete hygiene will result in consequences. All hygiene products and items must remain in your hygiene kit.

Hygiene Kit Contents

Required ItemsOptional (Travel Size)Optional (Travel Size)
Soap (full size allowed) (1)Lotion (1)Deodorant (full size allowed) (1)
Toothpaste (2 to 4 packets)Body Wash (1)Shampoo/Conditioner (1 each)
Toothbrush (1) and Cover (1)Lip Balm (1)  Personal Toothpaste (1)
Brush, Pick or Comb (1)Hair Grease/Lotion (1)Personal Soap (1)
 Kleenex package (1) 

Once you have used an item completely, you may get more by turning in the empty container to staff. Possession of more items than allowed will result in a fine for contraband.  If there is a hygiene product that you need which we do not have, you may request it. 


The opportunity to shower is offered everyday on 2nd shift. You are expected to take your clean clothes/smock along with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and towels in the shower area with you. Your time in the shower is determined by your level. After four minutes staff will conduct a well being check you are expected to verbally acknowledge staff when they knock. You will be given a warning advising you of how much time you have remaining in the shower. You are expected to clean up after yourself and turn in wet/dirty towels to the dirty clothes bin after your shower. You will have the opportunity to reapply deodorant, lotion, brush your teeth etc in your room after you shower.

  • If you are on SRL4 you will only be allowed to shower in Shower 1 or Intake. Before showering you will be expected to change into the safety smock in your room. You will only be allowed to take towels into the shower area.
  • Your crocs can be used for shower shoes


The opportunity to shave is offered on 2nd shift on Thursday and Sunday. You may request to shave at other times, which will be at staff’s discretion.


When offered, these may be purchased on your checkbook sheet. You are not allowed to have your hair cut /shave include initials, zigzags, or eyebrows slashes etc.


Day ClothesYou will be issued clean clothes every morning
Night ClothesYou will be issued clean night clothes every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
SweatsYou will be issued clean sweats every Wednesday and Sunday.
Bed LinensYou will be issued clean linens every Saturday.

You are expected to place your dirty clothes (right side out) in the appropriate laundry cart (darks or whites). If you get a stain on your clothes, you are expected to bring it to staff’s attention and follow their instructions for treating the stain. You are expected to spray pre-spot stain remover on your underwear. Staff may replace the stained item if necessary. Following expectations for laundry will help you avoid housekeeping fines.


Blue Lockers

The blue locker is where you keep your personal possessions. The lockers are assigned based on your assigned number. You should keep books, toilet paper, letters and photos in your blue locker.

  • You may have a maximum of ten (10) letters and ten (10) photographs in your locker.
  •  Letters and photographs are to be kept in your locker not in your room.
  •  Any excess letters and photographs will be placed in your property in storage.

Tan Lockers

Tan lockers are used to store (only) your linens during non-room time hours You need to use the locker assigned to your room.



You will be responsible for the cleanliness of your room. Rooms are checked several times each day: before school, during the daily security searches, and after shift change. You will be expected to maintain your room as follows:

  • All linens must be folded and placed in the lockers, unless you are on sick bed or lockdown.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Clean the mirror, windows and walls.
  • Disinfect, scrub and polish the sink and toilet.
  • All items (i.e. toilet paper, books, and blankets) must be removed from the room in the morning and after shift change.

It is your responsibility to make sure your room is neat, clean, and has nothing in it that might be considered contraband. Report any damage i.e. graffiti, missing screw etc. to staff. Following these expectations will help you avoid fines and other more serious consequences.

Meal Time, Evening and Weekend Chores

To ensure the cleanliness of the facility we complete chores after each meal, perform general facility cleaning each evening, and complete deep cleaning or maintenance tasks on the weekends. Everyone will be given an opportunity to perform each chore. Each chore is described in detail in the chore book, you are responsible for knowing what your chore is and making sure it is done properly.

Chore Expectations

  • Learn the requirements for each chore.
  • Start your assigned chore promptly.
  • Stay on task and work by yourself.
  • Check out chemicals from the Chemical Captain and use them appropriately.
  • Ensure that the vacuum, Kaivac and buffer are returned in proper working condition with cord in place.
  • Make sure you complete your chore and check back with staff.
  • Do not argue or complain about your assigned chore
  • Ask permission from a staff member to leave the area.
  • If you do not have a chore assigned to you or your chore is completed, stay seated in the assigned area until staff tell you otherwise.