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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

6:30 AM Staff will buzz your door open. You need to get up and get your clean clothes outside your door.  You will prop your door open while you change clothes and place your dirty clothes outside your door. You will need to open your door and get your hygiene kit. Close your door and complete your hygiene.

7:20 AM    Staff will buzz your door open. You are exiting your room for the day. You are expected to remove everything from your room. Give staff your hygiene kit with everything in it, including the soap and washcloth. You need to fold and store your linens in the tan locker that is assigned to your room.  Your books, toilet paper etc. should be stored in your assigned locker (blue).You will participate in morning PT exercises.

7:30 AM    Table assignments and expectations reviewed.  Breakfast is served.
8:00 AM    Breakfast crew cleans up and chores are completed.
8:30 AM    School begins.
8:30AM    School is in session until 2:30 p.m.

12:30 PM  Lunch is served.

1:30 PM    Resume school.

2:30 PM    Return to your room for shift change.
3:30 PM    Exit your room.  Participate in PT exercises.  Review teaching interaction expectations.  School feedback is awarded.
4:00 PM    Chores or homework.  Each resident will clean his/her room.  Other facility chores will be completed also.  Staff will check out chemicals and will ensure that the chores are completed properly.
5:20 PM    Dinner expectations are reviewed.
5:30 PM    Dinner is served.
6:00 PM    Dinner clean up.  Evening chores completed.
6:30 PM    Homework, Physical Activity, Quiet reading, Art or other group activity.  
7:30 PM    Free time, showers, TV, play station, board games.

8:00 PM    Snacks.

8:30 PM    Free time ends.  Bed time for Level 1, DRR, and PDRR.
9:00 PM    Bed time for all Level 2 and Level 3.  Level 3’s may be allowed to purchase extra time up.
10:00 PM  Bed time for Level 4 and Level 5.  Level 4 and 5 may be allowed to purchase extra time up.



On weekends the schedule is at staff discretion.
Late night may be offered on Friday and Saturday nights and during Holidays.
If late night is available the bed time will be: 1:30 AM.