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Construction Projects

Current Project Information

This major reconstruction project will improve Route 458 from E800 Road to the curve at Clinton Dam. The improvements will add paved shoulders and flatten roadside slopes.  Existing narrow culverts will be replaced, intersection curves will be realigned to eliminate 40 mph speed zones, and the pavement will be resurfaced.  Construction is scheduled to take place in 2017. The project is funded thru Douglas County’s capital improvement plan.

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Project 2015-05/Bid No. 17-F-0006

Route 458 from E 800 Rd thru E 1000 Rd


Project 2015-61/Bid No. 17-F-0015

N 1500 Rd improvements and 2 culvert replacements


Project 2015-68/Bid No. 16-F-0017

Bridge replacement for 00.64-05.50E