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Property Viewer for Douglas County, Kansas

View an interactive GIS map of tax parcels and related data in Douglas County, Kansas.

Zoom in and out to view the map at different scales

  • Click or tap the + and - buttons in the upper left corner of the map
  • Use your mouse wheel or double-click your mouse on a desktop computer
  • Use your fingers to pinch or move your fingers apart on a touch screen

Find your location

  • Click or tap the "find my location" button (looks like a scope) to zoom to your physical location


  • Click or tap the magnifying glass to open a search box. The default search is for an address.
  • Click or tap the drop-down arrow on the left side of the search box to search by
    • PIN number (e.g. 079-31-0-30-13-001.03-0),
    • Quick Ref ID (e.g. R16279),
    • Plate number (e.g. U02418A01),
    • Street name (e.g. Massachusetts St),
    • PLSS corner ID number (e.g. J03X),
    • PLSS section (e.g. 31-12-20 for section 21, township 12, range 20),
    • Water body name (e.g. Mary's Lake), or
    • Place name (e.g. Douglas County Courthouse, South Park)


  • Click or tap the Bookmarks menu in the top right corner of the map for quick zooming to each of the incorporated municipalities in Douglas County.
  • Click on the Home button (looks like a house) to zoom out to all of Douglas County.


  • Click or tap the Layers menu in the top right corner of the map for multiple options to overlay the map.


  • Click or tap the Print menu to see options for creating printer-friendly layouts for your current view on the map.


  • Click or tap the Share menu to tell your friends about the map via email or social media.


  • Click or tap the Measure menu to get approximate linear and areal measurements as well as decimal degrees (XY coordinates) for GPS locators

* More details below.

The Property Viewer has a number of layers that can be checked and unchecked to compare related datasets to the tax parcel boundaries. To explore your options, click on the Layers menu (top right).

  • Parcels - Check and uncheck this layer to turn on and off the orange tax parcel boundaries.
  • Land Records - Click the gray arrow to the right of the Land Records label to view your options, including:
    • Place name (label businesses, parks, cemeteries, public facilities)
    • Parcel label (label key details about the property)
    • Plat (view official plat boundaries)
    • Tax unit (view taxing units for the county and state)
    • YYYY parcel - view historical parcel boundaries from previous years
  • Public Land Survey System - view section corner locations as well as section, township, and range lines
  • External Data - view FEMA flood hazard areas, rural water district boundaries, and soil types.
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If the Property Viewer is not working, try clearing your browser cache to ensure that you are viewing the most current version. The easiest way to do this is:

  • Open your browser and press Ctrl + Shift + Del on your keyboard. This will open a window with several options for clearing stored settings.
  • In Internet Explorer, you’ll want to check the box for Temporary Internet files and website files.
  • In Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, you’ll want to check the box for Cache.
  • We recommend against using the defaults in the pop-up window, as your browsing history, stored passwords, and cookies will be deleted along with the Temporary Internet Files or Cache.
  • Once you clear your cache, refresh the Property Viewer page (F5 on your keyboard) and you should see the map. If not, please give us a call at (785) 838-2422.

If you’d like to learn more about browser caches, we recommend this site: