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Court Trustee

The office of the Douglas County District Court Trustee was established by the Judges of the Seventh Judicial District in order to expedite the establishment, collection, and disbursement of support orders of the Court (child support and maintenance orders, both temporary and final). A District Court Judge Pro Tem will provide expedited hearings for parent visitation and support matters.

In addition to enforcing support orders, under a contract with the Office of the Attorney General, the Trustee also collects court-ordered court debts and victim restitution in criminal cases referred to the office. The office also collects court debts in traffic cases.

By law, the District Court Trustee is required to be self-supporting without expense to county or state taxpayers. Except for the initial start-up costs provided by the county, all funds for operation come from user fees. The District Court Trustee has proven to be an effective and affordable method for support enforcement.

Our Services

Child and Spousal Support

Information on establishing, collecting and disbursing child and spousal support.

Department Contacts

Child Support

Child Support

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Katy S. Nitcher District Court Trustee 785-832-5315
Vera May Gannaway Asst. Court Trustee 785-832-5315
John Giele Asst. Court Trustee 785-832-5315
Jeanice Corbitt Paralegal 785-832-5315
Debra Pennington Paralegal 785-832-5315
Karen Taylor Office Manager 785-832-5315
Heather Jackson Clerk 785-832-5315



Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Mary Elizabeth Diaz Asst. Court Trustee 785-832-5315
Marily Mulingbayan Clerk 785-832-5315