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Community Corrections

Community Corrections is a state funded, county controlled intensive supervision probation (ISP) program designed to develop community-based correctional sentencing options for adult offenders who would otherwise be incarcerated in local or state facilities.

"The mission of Douglas County Community Corrections is to achieve agency success through Organizational Development, Evidence Based Practices and Collaboration.".

Our Services

Adult Probation

Adult probation provides intensive supervision for adults who are involved in the court system.

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Deborah Wright Director 785-832-5342
Claudia Fisher Adult ISP Officer II 785-832-5343
Wendy Hugeback Adult ISP Officer I 785-330-2848
Lance Saylor Adult ISP Officer I 785-832-5347
Richard Morris Adult ISP Officer I 785-832-5350
Latisha  Harmon Adult ISP Officer I 785-832-5127
Richard Langford Adult ISP Officer I 785-832-5163
Gwendolyn  Lee Administrative Secretary 785-832-5220
Justin Modrell Probation Officer 785-832-5886
Jeremy Cates Program Provider 785-832-5345