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Courts and Law

Court Calendar
Courts and Law
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) was established by the Board of County Commissioners of Douglas County on March 9, 2016.

Divisions / Judges
Juror Portal
District Court Services

Services provided by the 7th Judicial District of the District Court.

Crime Prevention

Services offered by the District Attorney's Office of Douglas County, Kansas.

Criminal Justice Services

Criminal Justice Services provides services for both adult and juvenile clients.

District Attorney

Services provided by the District Attorney's Office of Douglas County, Kansas.

Youth Crime

Youth crime information, including juvenile intake, probation, detention and day school.

Adult Corrections (County Jail)

The Adult Corrections (County Jail) facility.

Juvenile Corrections

The Juvenile Corrections facility.

Child Protection

Child Protection services offered by area agencies.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement services provided by different departments.


Information and resources for traffic tickets and diversions.

Municipal Courts

Municipal courts are completely separate from the District Court. They handle violations of city ordinances.